Water Bottle Alternative?

So, the big hot trend right now?  Trying to find a way to replace your Fiji, Evian and possibly Nalgene bottle with something not only more eco friendly, but also human friendly.  Living in Canada, our tap water has been proven to be just as good as bottled water, but we are STILL paying more for water than we are for gas.  $1.14 / litre for fuel – $1.50-$4.00 / 750ml for water.  Rumours (and statistics) show that our old plastic bottles are leaking toxins into our water which we are ingesting everyday. Some say aluminum or stainless steel is the way to go – my problem, this has not been around long enough to study the effects of these metals on the human system.  However, it makes sense.  That is why I sought out to find something that I can use and replace my old bottles with – lord knows, it has to be good looking.  This is where I found Sigg – the Swiss State of Art.  Of course, leave it to the friggin Swiss to sit up in the Alps and come up with brilliant design ideas for water bottles.  I have included a few examples from their product line – and it ranges broadly.  They offer kids, leisure, sport, thermo, casual and a whole line of accessories to go along with that water bottle.  Apparently Madonna is now using a Sigg bottle – can you have better publicity – wanna get something sold?  Put it in the Kabbalah wielding hands of Madge – what could look cooler as she firms up those triceps in some Kama Sutra induced yogic stretching exercises.  Check it out – Sigg is where its at!



I know it has become sooo trendy to walk around with your bottle of water or sip on FIJI water to show that you  are truly fashionable, but its time we stop to think about the repercussions of such actions.  Federal Law in Canada and the US does NOT require bottled water to go through a vigorous testing process.  In fact, by law, bottled water only has to be as “good” as tap water to be acceptable – legally speaking.  Therefore, most of you idiots are drinking tap water with a really fancy label (most of the times, which, that label is made with PVC Plastic which is derived from crude oil).  Same goes for the bottle.  Most bottle are also made out of crude oil – over 1.5 million tons of crude oil go to making plastic bottles.  Scary fact is that almost 80% of water bottles do not get recycled.  I enjoy my water as much as the next person, but I am going to try to make a change.  My water will come from home in a re-usable plastic bottle that can be washed and used the next day – Nalgene has always been my favourite.  You can find all kinds of great choices at http://www.nalgene-outdoor.com/   Or, think about how many times you can re-use one disposable water bottle.  Every time you can re-use it counts for something.  Its quite silly, but its these little things that are killing us everyday.  And seriously…..FIJI…$4 for a small bottle of water?  Unless its going to do my grocery shopping and masturbate me in my sleep – I will stick to the tap.