ADELE – Listen up…

Very seldom do I write about good things or things that make me happy, but after feeling a little shitty tonight, I decided to find some new music that I could sit and smoke cigarettes too.  After surfing iTunes and finding nothing but shit, like sell out Madonna, the gold album of Juno (which I already own and TRULY is amazing) and some kind of musically inspired re-vamp known as Mariah Carey or Mimi, I came across something that stopped me in my tracks.  Enter ADELE.  At first listen, sounds a bit like Amy Winehouse without all the heroin, but this bitch has pipes.  Not Celine pipes, but deep dark, bluesy pipes.  A native of South London, England, she is my new fave for chillin with me.  Personally, its all about ‘Hometown Glory’ and ‘Chasing Pavements’, but take your own pick.  Best news – her tickets to her North American tour went on sale today.  I will be linking her MySpace and then you should go to iTunes and download some of her shit, she rocks my world.  Pour yourself a nice glass of red, spark a dart and sit back and let ADELE take you somewhere else.  She has the look of a classic opera singer meets Kelly Osbourne and the lyrics and musicality of k.d. lang meets esthero – my kind of bitch.  Alright, enough, just check her out at her MySpace   ADELE

2 Responses

  1. i love adele too! just discovered her a few months ago & listen in the car, in the house, everywhere. can’t say i smoke cigarettes to her music, but i can see how you would. i 2nd you on “hometown glory” and “chasing pavements”.

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